Solar PV Panel

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Solar Cell are often silicon-based pieces of material that absorb the sun’s light. Not warmth, as in the thermal application. This same material used for transistors and integrated circuits also.

There are three basic types of solar cell.

Mono / Poly crystalline Solar Cell

Solar PV Panel

Crystalline silicon cells are made of silicon atoms connected to one another to form a crystal lattice. This lattice comprises the solid material that forms the photovoltaic (PV) cell's semiconductors. This section describes the atomic structure and band gap energy of these cells

Amorphous or thin-film solar cell.

The term “amorphous” commonly applied to non-crystalline materials prepared by deposition from gases. Non-crystalline:–Chemical bonding of atoms nearly unchanged from crystals–Small, disorderly variation in the angles between the bonds eliminates regular lattice structure

Amorphous silicon is generally known as “hydrogenated amorphous silicon” or a-Si:H.