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Roof Top Solar Power Plant

  • Roof Top solar power plant is used to generate the required electricity for homes, commercials, institutions and industries by utilizing the roof spaces to fix the Solar panels.
  • The same is available in On-Grid (direct usage) and Off-Grid (with Battery backup) models.
  • We use SMA inverters for the On grid power plants.
  • We are authorised and trained service providers for the SMA or Sunny boy Solar inverters.
  • Power Savings : upto 900 watts per month for 5KW power plant.
  • Subsidies available: 30% of the project value subject to the maximum of Rs. 8l,000/- / KW hr.
  • Tax Benefits:33% Depreciation (80% on Year 1 and 20% on Year 2).
  • Loan Eligibility: 50% of project value with subsidised interest of 5% p.a. for 5 Yrs period.
  • Solar Panels.
  • Solar inverter.
  • Battery.
  • Required cabling.
  • Required Structure for solar panels. (preferably aluminium).
  • Off Grid : from 1 KW hr to 1O KW hr.
  • On grid : ranges from 5 KW Hr.
  • We also do the Wind Mills from 350W subject to the area of wind flow.