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Solar Home Inverters

  • Our Solar Home Inverters not only provide you the uninterrupted power supply, also provides you the independence to produce your own electricity.
  • Our product is designed with care and intelligence to produce the sufficient electricity to provide you the power backup during power failure.
  • The excess solar power can be used for your daytime consumption.
  • Automatic software controlled self testing.
  • A.C. input low and high voltage cut off in both, inverter and U.P.S. modes.
  • Full protected against short circuit of A.C. mains with output.
  • Quick change over from mains to inverter mode.
  • Can even charge 6.4V deep charge batteries.
  • Auto switch over between solar and mains charging.
  • Zero drop charger (10-40)Amp.
  • Simultaneous charging through mains and Solar Panel.
  • Short charging time.
  • Long Battery Backup.
  • Will provide runtime electricity from Solar Panel when the battery in full condition.
  • 600VA, 800VA, 1.5KVA, 2KVA, 3.5 KVA