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What is Solar Energy?

Solar Energy is the generation of electricity from sunlight. We get most of our energy from the sun. The Sun will keep making energy for millions of year. Its free and clean. There is enough for everyone

How does System Work?

The Solar panels Convert the sunlight to DC Electricity. This solar module arranged in series and parallel Combination as per system voltage requirement.

This generated DC Power feed into Solar Inverter controller This is the main second system. This system converter DC power – AC power for appliance. The Solar inverter detect solar power first then battery power if both fail bypass the EB power to load same time it charge the battery.

Single line Diagram


  • Proposed For : Solar PV Power
  • Proposed Type : Off Grid
  • Proposed Capacity : 5 KVA
  • Battery Backup : 3 - 4 Hours
  • Power Saving : 750 Units / Month*
  • Subsidy : 30% + 5% of project value
  • (MNRE + Carbon Credit)
  • Tax Benefits : 100 % Eligible
  • Model Number : SGE-Economy SPV
  • Capacity : 5KWp
  • Solar Panel : 125W x 40 No’s
  • Controller Type : MPPT
  • Inverter : 5KVA or 7KVA Pure Sine wave
  • Battery : 12V 100Ah x 16
  • Battery Type : Industrial Tall Tubular
  • Cabling : or FRP Cable
  • Structure : MS Tube with Angle Combination Water proof Corrosion Free Powder coated