Rooftop PV and Samall Solar Generation Program (RPSSGP)

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Basic System Description

Solar Photovoltaic power generator consists of solar modules in series and parallel connections,these convert solar radiations into DC electrical power at the pre-determined range of  Voltageswhenever sufficient solar radiation is available. The individual crystalline solar cells are connected together in a module (in series connection), which are hermetically sealed to survive in rugged weather conditions and ensures optimum performance during its ling life.

In order to achieve a higher system voltage, modules are installed in a row arrangement, called a string. A higher system voltage has the advantage of lesser installation work, higher efficiency of the entire plant and usage of smaller cross section cables. Calculated no. of strings is connected in parallel by cables in Junction Boxes.

Central inverter ensures maximum output from the solar generators at different ambient conditions. Central inverters use higher system voltages to reach very high plant efficiency. Furthermore, installations can be expanded with additions of more modules without problems.