What is Solar Energy?

Solar Energy is the generation of electricity from sunlight. We get most of our energy from the sun. The Sun will keep making energy for millions of year. Its free and clean. There is enough for everyone.

How much Solar Energy?

The surface receives about 47% of the total solar energy that reaches the Earth. Only this amount is usable.

How is Solar Energy work?

Solar energy can be direct or indirect, or active or passive. First, there are two approaches towards solar energy conversion into energy we may use, These are

  • Solar Thermal Energy
  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Energy

Why Solar Power for you?

  • Solar Power Provide uninterrupted Power for your existing electrical appliance like fan, lights, fridge, TV, PC, Electronic Equipments and ect…
  • You are the roll model for Solar Power in your area (if college your students learn about solar technology)
  • Your Premises becoming a Green Environmental
  • You save your monthly Electrical bill
  • You Save your country and World from carbon

How to Proceed?

  • Required a conformation of interest to install this system in your Premises.
  • As per your conformation, We will Study your detailed electrical needs your premises at free of cost.
  • We will Process the subsidy from TEDA and MNRE.
  • If you required banker loan & interest subsidy. We will follow your banker on receipt of Subsidy sanction letter from TEDA / MNRE.
  • On receipt of the subsidy and Loan sanction you should pay balance of advance to the execution.
  • This System will be installed within 3 weeks from the date of receipt

What is Renewable Resource?

A Natural Resource is a Renewable Resource when its replaced by natural processes and if replenished with the passage of time. Renewable resources are parts of our natural environment and from our Eco-system.

Which is Renewable?

Why Renewable Resource?

The Three P’s that Renewable Energy Promotes:

People: Promoting the well being of the buildings and our worlds occupants through the integration of energy efficient roof membranes, low VOC adhesives, recycled content building materials, and natural day lighting technologies.

Profit: Provide renewable energy products with a positive financial return while not compromising Eco Integrator's core values and vision.

Planet: Providing environmental stewardship to our world by turning unavoidable needs and expenses (roofs, light, energy) into avenues of opportunity to better our earth and our future generations world.